Sunday, May 28, 2017

Critical Hit: A Lesbian Romance by Em Stevens

GENRE: Lesbian Romance(Rated R)

I have never been much into romance novels mainly because, as the author puts it, I am more of the Sapphic sort. Recently I have found the growing genre of lesbian romance and I am hooked. 

Critical Hit is a sweet love story that seems to hit on the nature of relationships and the baggage that goes with them. No hero's in just a kilt in this one(thankfully) but rather nerdy girls who play D & D. They are brought together by one of the girls male friends. You have to read it for the rest.

 It is not a plot that is unique but no one reads romance to think. The characters are believable and the love vs. loss entanglement in the plot helps the story along nicely.

Zombie Ocean Series 1-7 by Michael John Grist

Image result for zombie ocean box set GENRE: Zombies, Human nature, Just awesome!

I read these books usually as ARC from the author. I fell behind on my reviews but you can frind in this blog reviews for these three books separately.

If you like zombies(and who doesn't?) you really need to read the Zombie Ocean series by Michael John Grist. His characters are well developed and the plot od not your typical zombie eating brains. In fact his books are more a commentary on human nature than zombie killing. I was hooked from Book 1:The Last and I am still hooked after Book 7: The Lash. The evolution of the characters as they grow is amazingly constructed. I know I have even questioned liking some of the characters as I got to know them more. I highly recommend these books and suggest you go to Mr' Grist's web page now!

Maid of Baikal by Preston Fleming

GENRE: Historic Fiction(with a twist)

The Maid of Baikal by Preston Fleming is an account of the Russian Revolution. It also involves a prophecy from the Maid. The story is told through the eyes of an outsider, and American, sent to consult. Fleming is a master story teller and it is obvious much research and thought went into this novel. Unfortunately the characters were not as developed as his Beirut Trilogy and at times the story got confusing. As a note I did read it as an ARC and gave Mr. Fleming this feedback. He is a fantasic author and probably fixed a few things before publishing. This review is long over due. As always with Preston Fleming's work he makes you think and that is always a worthwhile read.

                            MAID OF BAIKAL by Preston Fleming

So....long time no post.

Image result for frazzled cat images

Well, if anyone actually follows my blog you may notice it has been a while since I posted anything. 2016 and so far 2017 have been quite a challenge. New job, new city, bought a house, crushed by the election. You know normal stuff. My escape has been reading though so I have A LOT to catch up on.

By alot I mean at least 57 reviews, Of course my usually disaster and end of the world stuff, which lately has seemed more like current events. The change is I have found romance books I like. I was surprised to find that the genre of lesbian fiction/romance growing. I mean real lesbian not porn for straight guys. In the top I will post what genre a book is so if you know my romance books aren't your thing or you don't like zombies(who doesn't like zombies!?!) you can skip that review. No harm, no foul.

Also since I have sooo much to review and alot of them are series that I read I will review them as a series. I would get one book from BookBub or Kindle Unlimited and find I wanted to know more so I would go and buy the whole series. Books are my addiction so...

Be prepared for a lot of posts coming up. Also please send me any feedback. I love Indie authors and small publishers and my reviews are free so please contact me.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Eyewall by H.W. Bernard

11144027Genre: Disaster, Weather, Action

How often does hubris put people at risk? More often than you think. Although [Eyewall] by [H.W. Bernard] is a work of fiction it is grounded in fact. Facts that the weather service is not always right, that some people feel their areas are immune to disaster because none happened in their memory, and that the media serves it's own interests.

All these facts lead to an harrowing trip into the eye of a category five hurricane. What these people do to survive and the lessons learned by them should not be lost on us a a larger society. I very enjoyable read.

Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel

20170404Genre: Post Apocalyptic, Literary

[Station Eleven] is a literary tale of the end of civilization. Unlike most of the novels about the post apocalyptic world [Emily St. John Mandel] weaves a story built of relationships. It would compare to a futuristic [Canterbury Tales] as it tells the tales of the survivors in this one band and their journey.

Dead Wake by Erik Larson

22551730Genre: NonFiction, History

[Eric Larson] does it again with [Dead Wake] by making non fiction read like fiction all the while providing a great amount of information. The research that he does before writing a book shows his deep passion fro the topics. In [Dead Wake] he informs the reader not only what is was like being on the Lusitania, but also the political intrigue that seemed to surround the voyage and it's demise.