Sunday, September 17, 2017

Jolt by Kris Bryant

20702686GENRE: Lesbian Romance
This was an enjoyable book. The storyline was cute and easy to follow. The characters were developed. Bethany as the narrator lends a quirky and awkward take on the story. The whole idea of love finding you no matter how hard you try to avoid it is always a good one. Especially when the relationship begins as a friendship. Good showing for a first book by Bryant.

The Lies (Zombie Ocean #8) by Michael John Grist

36096834GENRE: Post Apocalyptic
Grist continues his saga of the downfall of mankind. The plot lines clear up and then get all twisted again, in a good way, throughout this series. In THE LIES the characters evolve and become even more complex than they were before, especially Lara, Amo, and Anna. All three characters find out more about the world, themselves, and the force that controls them.
This book seems to be getting closer to an ending of the saga. It is almost like the three main characters all know what they need to do now. Looking forward to seeing what changes occure in book nine.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Searching For Forever by Emily Smith

20702892GENRE: Romance, Lesbian
The setting of a hospital emergency room is believable and leads me to think the author knows the environment. The characters were not shallow but not deeply developed it was almost to predictable. The dynamics of their relationship has the quirk of the attration being there but both fighting that for different reasons. 
Overall it was an enjoyable book. A nice quick read with some potential cold shower moments.

What Stands In A Storm by Kim Cross

22609348GENRE: NonFiction, Disaster
I remember hearing about the horrible tornados that struck Tuscaloosa. Who in SEC country didn't hear about it and feel pain even if the Tide were your rivals. 
What I didn't realize was how wide spread the tornado outbreak was in Alabama. Kim Cross does a magnificent job using investigative reporting and research skills to recreate the horrible event. She uses the actual words of survivors as well as those who were lost during those days. Through her words we feel the horror, hope, and healing that occured from this "act of God".
I recommend this book to anyone who is a weather geek, a disaster geek, or just like a truely heartfelt story told by a talented author.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

What Is Left Of My World by C. A. Rudolph

33404779GENRE: Dystopian
This is a slightly different take on a dystopian novel. It shows how they survive after and has flashbacks to before. It never really discusses the collapse. The pace was good and the characters developed. I could do without all the gun descriptions. I do like that is was a strong female protagonist but why make her so "troubled"? I will probably read the next in the series but not bumping it up in my book queue.

Sea Girt: The Last Town at the Jersey Shore by Vincent J. Dicks

34835474Genre: Nonfiction, History

This book is about my hometown so I had really high hopes for it. There was just too much information with little or nothing to do with the town. I did learn a few new things that I got to explore or point out when visited this summer but it was more regional than the town. I was also disappointed that it ended before getting into more modern times.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Magnus Chase: The Sword of Summer by Rick Riordan

15724396GENRE: YA/Action and Adventure
As usual Rick Riordan does not disappoint! I am looking forward to see how this merges with Percy Jackson. I love all of these books because of the snarkiness of the characters that is not rude but funny and sarcastic. Also the fact that kids learn of mythology through these books is awesome. I hope he keeps them coming.