Saturday, February 17, 2018

Villians Don't Date Heroes by Mia Archer


GENRE: Lesbian Romance, Superheroes

As a former comic book geek this story drew me in. I have read other books by this author and they were great in their sweet simplicity. This was a bit more complicated. I loved Night Terror she was the perfect villian but her main love interest seemed a bit blah. Iwould have liked to see more verbal and mental sparring. That said I did enjoy this book and will read the next one. The uniqueness of it is a draw in itself.

Remember Me by Noelle Winters


GENRE: Lesbian Romance, Mystery

Noelle Winters does a good job creating a sense of suspense in [Remember Me]. The plot centers around Katy who's daughter was kidnapped three years ago. Suddenly the case is refreshed by a picture of her daughter being sent to her. The FBI sends Alex to liason with local law enforcement and the family on this case that her father originally worked. These two broken women find friendship and hope within each other.

The plot of this takes some unexpected twists. The romance is there but not the main focus. It was a really quick read with developed characters and a very steady pace.

Swipe Right by Mia Archer


GENRE: YA, LGBTQ, Coming Out

This is a well written and sweet coming out book. The uncertainty of knowing who you are in an world that you know is not kind and accepting is captured by Archer. Eve lays low figuring just get to college and life can begin for her. The she is talked into trying a new GLBT dating app. The worst that can happen in social media does but then the best. It definately was a cute book and I really wish there were more books like this when I was a teenager.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Water Under Bridges (Pink Bean #5) by Harper Bliss


GENRE: Lesbian Romance

Harper Bliss touches on another sensitive subject in this book. It begs to question if bullies can change and can we forgive. I really like how Bliss approaches this because often kids bully because they are trying to protect themselves and can chage once away from the negative influence. It took alot of courage for the characters to do what they do in this book. I will be recommending this book.

This Foreign Affair (Pink Bean Series #4) by Harper Bliss


GENRE: Lesbian Romance

Again Harper Bliss creates amazing characters. Although this love story is not as relatable in how they meet it is still written in an amazing way. It also catches the trials and doubts of long distance relationships in a spetacular way. I really highly recommend any of this books and have made recommendations.

Everything Between Us (Pink Bean Series # 3 ) by Harper Bliss


GENRE: Lesbian Romance

I really like how Harper Bliss makes her characters real people with real flaws.  It makes her books so much more relatable. Jo's self esteem issues are something almost anyone can relate to. The community of characters in the Pink Bean series is just amazing. The romance part is pretty darn good too.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Drama Girls by Mia Archer


GENRE: YA, Lesbian Romance, Coming Out

This is the perfect book for YA. The questioning of the main characters is realistic. Also the fact that the author shows both the negative of religion and positive. Yes there are bad people out there but not all are bad. The character of Chloe is especially well written and I feel would be helpful for many young people who can relate to the situation she is in. Also no sexual content so a good starter book.