Sunday, May 20, 2018

Survivors by K'Anne Meinel


GENRE: Dystopian Survival, Lesbian

I have had this book on mt 'list' for awhile. It was worth the wait. It mixed two of my favorite genres of dystopian and lesbian fiction together. It was well researched and written. The characters were realistic and for the most part likable(there were a few you wanted to slap). The ending could have been better or another book could be written to continue the story. It just left me wanting more which is not necessarily a bad thing.

Campaign Trail (By Design #9) by J.A.Armstrong


GENRE: Lesbian Romance, Family

After reading some heavy duty emotional books I had to return to a series that always makes me smile. The relationship between JD and Candace is what we all strive for in life. The fact that they deal with all the craziness, ups and downs with love and laughter makes this series so enjoyable. Also, there is always some 'bible study' thrown in.

The Treehouse by Randi Triant


GENRE: Contemporary Lesbian Fiction

Wow! This book took me on an emotional ride and wrung me out! Triant captures the emotions of struggling with loss and coming to terms with it amazingly. The treehouse it self, while real, was also a metaphor in my opinion. It is only what happens at the end that lets Camilla truely let go. Not a fuzzy beach read but a REALLY good book.

Hal (The Duellist #1) by Kate Cudahy


GENRE: Lesbian Romance, Action/Adventure

I absolutely loved the plot and flow of this story. The character of Hal was well developed and pretty much what I wanted to be like in my younger days.(Yes, I dreamed of sword fights. I was a weird kid.) There was a certain amout of predictablility to some aspects of the story but it took nothing away. I will be reading the second book (Hannac).

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Reclaiming Yancy by J.B. Marsden


GENRE: Lesbian Romance

This was a quick read since it was so well written. The complexity of Yancy helps make the story flow. The struggle that is the relationship between Gen and Yancy make it more realistic. Not every relationship is all roses. Most relationships take work and this is shown in this story.

Highland Dew by Barrett Magill


GENRE: Lesbian Romance

The setting of this book being in Scotland drew me in right away. Not only did Magill do a fabulous job with the scenery but she seemed to capture the soul of the Scottish people. The relationship between the characters of Bryce and Reggie is something of an enigma that will keep you guessing until the end. The relationship that develops between Bryce and Fiona ages just like a fine scotch. This book was truely a pleasure to read.

The Smell Of Rain by Cameron MacElvee


GENRE: Lesbian Romance, Global Issues

Cameron MacElvee hits all the feels with this poignant book. The emotions evoked through the two main characters are genuine. The issues that are addressed are also very important because they are what drive the two women and develop their characters. This is definately not a light beach read but a deep, well thought out novel that will hopefully leave you with lots to think about. Well worth the emotional rollercoaster.