Saturday, June 30, 2018

If She Only Knew by Jade Winters


GENRE: Contemporary Lesbian Romance, Short Story

For a short story this one really packed a punch. It had angst, humor, love, and was kinda hot. I plan to read more by Jade Winters after getting a taste test with this quick but very well developed read. Not easy to put that many complexities in 10,000 words. Kudos!

Alias by Cari Hunter


GENRE: Thriller, Mystery, Lesbian Romance

This was an incredible suspense/mystery with abit of sexual tension thrown in. The chemistry between the two main characters was really well developed as were the characters themselves. The complexity of their relationship had as many twists and turns as the plot. What makes a book great in this genre for me is not being able to predict what will happen and Hunter definately achieved that with this story.

Girl Games by Mia Archer


GENRE: YA Lesbian Romance

Archer does a great job of making being a nerd cool. She is a master of creating a sweet love story between girls you would think would be total social opposites. This book, like others I have read by Archer, is YA/teen friendly so it can be suggested to those young girls just coming out. In fact both main characters deal with questions about their sexuality throughout most of the book.

McCall by Patricia Evans Jordan


GENRE: Contemporary Lesbian Romance

The setting description in this book was amazing but it was the characters that really made this story.  The main characters of Sara and Sam were well developed and the secondary characters added life to the small community. The way the relationship developed had a good flow. I really look forward toreading more books by Patricia Evans Jordan.

Coming Around Again by Beth Burnett


GENRE: Lesbian Romance

Ever feel that your timing just sucks? That is one of the main themes of this book. You get to see the two main characters evolve over the course of their lives. Their lives and choices are what drive the plot very much like most of our own lives. I like how Burnett shows we all make mistakes but we can never lose hope.

Wildsky by Magnolia Robbins


GENRE: Lesbian Romance, Mental Health

I really enjoyed the love story in this book but more importantly the messege about depression an mental health. The author dealt with these issues in a very thoughtful and caring manner. The love story shows how important having someone to confide in and care is to someone dealing with the demons in their own head. I would definately recommend this book. I think, besides being and enjoyable read, that it may be able to help some people.

The Misadventures of Two Reluctant Zombie Hunters: Hospitals are Hell by Rhavensfyre


GENRE: Zombie Apocalypse, Badass Lesbian Main Characters

I just love these books. I mean where could you go wrong zombie nuns? The characters are super snarky, it is a weapon in itself. This is not your typical zombie apocalypse book though because it has the perfect mix of gore and humor. I have recommended these books to my zombie loving and lesfic friends because it is not exclusive in one genre or the other. Greatly looking forward to Vol.3.