Sunday, December 3, 2017

The Smallest thing by Lisa Manterfield


GENRE: YA, Coming of Age

Emmott just wants to escape her small town. She has plans even. Then suddenly people start getting sick and dying. No one is allowed to leave. It is more than rebellousness now, it is life or death.

The character of Emmott in the beginning you just want to slap she is so negative and self centered. As the story, and the plauge, goes on you see her grow. The emotions this book evoke are real. The fact that it is adapted and modernized from a true story make it stronger. I just wish I knew that fact in the beginning.

Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli


GENRE: Coming of Age

The point of view and the perspective of this story was spot on. I really likes the characters of Simon and Blue. Keeping the suspense until the end who Blue was was great. There were points in this book I laughed out loud. Others just made me feel uncomfortable for the charcters, which is a good thing. This is a romance with innocence.

After The EMP (The Darkness Trilogy) by Harley Tate


GENRE: Post Apocalyptic

What would you do if the sun just ended life as you knew it? This is the saga of one family's struggle to survive and find each other. Tate created believable charcters and kept the pace very fast. Also reseach was done for this to use a CME rather than a typical EMP. It was a really fast read and I am looking forward to the next trilogy.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Necessary Sacrifice by Noelle Winter


GENRE: Murder Mystery, Lesbian Romance

Noelle Winter develops a great murder mystery and entwines a lesbian romance within it. The two main protagonists are both doing their best to aviod any feelings what-so-ever by burying themselves in their work. The passion for their work, though, leads them to cross paths as they work together to solve a series of horrific crimes. An enjoyable, fast paced read.

Taking Flight by Siera Maley


GENRE: Coming of Age, Lesbian Romance

This is a coming of age book and like most of this genre you begin by not really liking the main charcter, in this case Lauren. She seems spoiled and just very unlikable. As the story progresses you get to see Lauren evolve and become more of her true self without the defensive walls.

This is a very character driven book and does deal with some (sadly) typical issues of LGBTQ young people. Maley does a great job of making you feel what the characters feel and taking you along for the ride.

Of All The Girls by Michele L. Rodriguez


GENRE: Coming of Age, Lesbian Romance

Not your typical lesbian romance but that is what makes it so good. Rivera shows the complexity of relationships of all kinds as well as feelings. Maybe not this exact situation but I think we can all relate to having those conflicted feeling that the charcters feel throughout the story. I wouldlike to see a sequel to this book because I want to know what happens.

Getting Out ( The EMP Book 1) by Ryan Westfield


GENRE: Post-Apocalyptic

Getting Out shows how normal people would deal with a life changing, worldwide even such as an EMP. I use normal loosely because most people probably do not even know what an EMP is but that is just the way it is. None of the characters are hard core "preppers" but they all know how to survive. It was a fast read with a few glitches but nothing that would ruin the story.