Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Boys of Winter by Wayne Coffey

434877[The Boys of Winter] by [Wayne Coffey] tells of one of the greatest sporting events ever (I will not say THE greatest since the US Women's Soccer team did pretty well this year.) For those of you who think you know everything there is to know about the 1980 Gold Medal 'Miracle' team, trust me you don't and should read this book.

[Coffey] does a great job in telling what made the players and coach tick. The unknown backstory. The flips in the story from telling of the players history or interviews interspersed with telling of the game works very well in this book.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Last Orphans by N.W. Harris

23389307[The Last Orphans] by [N.W. Harris] was a quick read in my favorite genre of post-apocalyptic novels. The way people survive always gives me hope for society. When all the adults die is sudden and horrible ways Tyler finds himself taking care of the survivors. Can he save them before it is too late.

Until We End by Frankie Brown

18619649[Until We End] is a post-apocalyptic novel that takes a sinister twist. As people all over the world die from a strange disease Cora and Coby hide at home as their dad told them. They believe they may be the only ones left but they were wrong.

[Frankie Brown] adds to the ever popular genre of YA post-apocalyptic fiction. Unlike others I feel you can never have too much of a good thing and this genre has always been a favorite. Keep them coming.

The Journal: Cracked Earth by Deborah D. Moore

The Journal: Cracked Earth[The Journal: Cracked Earth] by [Deborah D. Moore] is told from the perspective of a prepper who can handle herself and her own but needs to teach others to take care of themselves when a disaster strikes. Allexa is the type of character that is enjoyable to read about. She is real and has flaws but also an inner strength that may save not only herself but those around her. Although this book is from the point of view of a prepper it has no political affiliation and was just an enjoyable read.

Lazarus Code: A First Families Saga by Sharon Van Orman

Lazarus CodeThe [Lazarus Code] by [Sharon Van Orman] is a futuristic take on zombies. She combines the typical zombie apocalypse with space travel and nanobots. The main character is a female which is always enjoyable having seen way too many princesses. If you are a fan of any of the above mentioned genres or action adventure this book is a must read.

1914 by James Farner

1914 (The War Years Book 1)When war comes what are young boys to do? Well join up to fight and be home by Christmas, of course! That was what they were told when they lied about their age to join up and escape their small Yorkshire town. Just war isn't all glory and people really do die.

In [1914] [James Farner] does an incredible job of telling the story from the perspective of the young men at the time. The story just flowed as you shared the experiences with the Keeton boys.

Outage by Ellisa Barr

22096878Do you know what an EMP is or what it could do to our world? Neither did Dee until it happened. Lucky for her she had been dumped at her grandfathers farm so her parent could go on vacation. This is a great beginning book to an interesting premise of survival and adaptation. It was highly enjoyable and if you don't at least start stocking up on canned goods when you read it you are tougher than me.

Wildfire:A Novel by Mary Pauline Lowry

20344686[Wildfire] is a story of a young woman trying to escape her past and what is expected of her and finding where she belongs. It is a true coming of age novel of love, loss and discovery. [Mary Pauline Lowry] catches the true feeling of rebellion of the main character Julie as she tries to overcome the pain of her past with the Pikers, a hot shot crew, forest fire fighters who often hike or fly into the heart of fires all through fire season. This book kept me reading and was finished off in a day. It was a very well told story.

The Young World by Chris Weitz

18774016[The Young World} by [Chris Weitz] is a well written post apocalyptic story with a twist. All adults are die in a plague leaving the young to survive for themselves it becomes very much like [Lord of the Flies]. Also as the young people become a certain age they contract the plague that killed the adults. When they find that this plague was man made they fight to find the cure and save their friends and themselves.

This book was enjoyable and a quick read. It fits very well in a very popular YA genre.

Zombies Y'All by J.K. Bovi

Zombie's Y'AllI was excited to get this book as to review from LibraryThing since I now reside in Savannah. I wasn't disappointed. The description of the city locations were spot on and the students described the type you can find all over Savannah due to the local art college.

The story was a different take on zombies, which in this zombie infested market is hard to accomplish. The zombies are ghost zombies destroying one of Savannah's most well known attractions, it's ghosts.

The characters remind me of Carl Hiaasen's. The smart, the goofy and the clueless. All unique and entertaining. This is a very character driven novel.

My only complaint was the use of the Asian stereo type when the characters had a conversation. I did not feel this was necessary. Although, over all I would recommend this book.

Dead Chest Island by J.J. Parsons


I had the pleasure of meeting [J.J. Parsons] at the Savannah Children's Book Festival. I told her I had picked up her book [Dead Chest Island] at a local book seller. She kindly gave me the second book. That said, this is an unsolicited and honest review.
[Dead Chest Island] is a throw back to the mysteries of the 1950's. It made me think of The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew. Young children getting into adventure after hearing a story about an island that leads to solving a international crime, or foiling it, rather.

[Parson's] writing has a good flow and is well thought out. The characters are well developed. I am looking forward to reading the second book and hearing more of Edison'd adventures and see if his sister is still a pest.