Saturday, November 21, 2015

Zombies Y'All by J.K. Bovi

Zombie's Y'AllI was excited to get this book as to review from LibraryThing since I now reside in Savannah. I wasn't disappointed. The description of the city locations were spot on and the students described the type you can find all over Savannah due to the local art college.

The story was a different take on zombies, which in this zombie infested market is hard to accomplish. The zombies are ghost zombies destroying one of Savannah's most well known attractions, it's ghosts.

The characters remind me of Carl Hiaasen's. The smart, the goofy and the clueless. All unique and entertaining. This is a very character driven novel.

My only complaint was the use of the Asian stereo type when the characters had a conversation. I did not feel this was necessary. Although, over all I would recommend this book.

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