Saturday, April 28, 2012

Peace, Locomotion

This is the perfect book for the reluctant reader. The voice that Woodson uses is so real. It is all written in the form of letters that LoCoMotion is writing to his younger sister in a different foster home. He is doing this because he is the "rememberer". It shows the trials and tribulations of our younger generation.

Took me less than a day to read.

Rot & Ruin

Rot & Ruin is a coming of age novel after the zombie apocalypse. Benny is too young to really remember First Night but believes his older brother Tom is a coward for not saving their parents.

Problem is everyone else thinks Tom is a hero and now that Benny has to get a job wants him to join the "family business" which happens to be zombie hunting. Benny wants nothing to do with this, he prefers to hear the stories of daring from the bounty hunters he looks up to. Why would he want to join his weak cowardly brother?

Benny has a lot to learn about life, death, and the living dead. Also sometimes the monsters we know about aren't as scary as the the ones we do not see.

I generally do not like zombie books. They give me nightmares. But I plan to read all the books on the Florida Teen Reads list for this year, so I am going out of my comfort zone. Or so I thought. I really enjoyed this book. The characters are well developed as is the setting. It is almost like an old wild west story. Zombies are in this book but they aren't the main focus. In fact seeing them through Tom and Benny's eyes you almost begin to get a compassion for them as you learn that some humans are worse than zoms.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

This book will appeal to the people who love The Hunger Games. I mean the book, not the movie by the way. Books are always better.

It is another dystopian fiction but unlike the genre of "paranormal romance" this genre is not all alike.

This first book in a trilogy (woohoo!!!) revolves around the main character, Beatrice, and the choices she must make. Choices that change her life. In this world everyone is divided into factions according to their character and beliefs. The key is they get to choose. The choice will decide who you will become and what you will believe, at least outwardly. Society was made this way to eliminate greed and corruption. The question is really will that work?  And if it can't what will happen?

Ok, so I finished this book on Sunday. It had been on my list for awhile but my budget did not allow it (or any hardcovers for that matter). I broke down and checked it out of the school library. It was incredible!!!!

The time traveling, soul searching of this book made it fun to read. The vintage pictures add so much because they make it seem real. In a way it answers the some questions about "monsters" in this world. I also really enjoyed the historic references.

The main character actually made me think about some of my students, past and present, who live with demons of their own that they do not fully understand.

Maybe I am a little weird but this book even made me wonder if it could be true.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

First Book review

I just finished reading The Angel of Death by Alane Ferguson last night. It was my sixty second book to complete this school year in a goal of 70.

The book is the sequel to The Christopher Killer and follows the same characters. Ferguson's main character. Cameron Mahoney, is a super smart young lady who usually relies on science rather than emotions. Because her uncanny ability to "read the dead" she has become her fathers assistant at the small coroners office. This does not make her many friends because most people think death is creepy.

This book starts with the weird death of Cammy's teacher. She helps investigate but has a lot on her plate dealing with family issues, friends, and if that was not complicated enough, boys. Cammy gives into her emotions in this book. This leads the reader through lots of twists and turns. If you like gore and vivid descriptions this is a good book for you. If you are a visual person and have a weak stomach, maybe not so much. It will definitely appeal to anyone who like CSI or those other crime shows and mysteries.

Feedback welcome!!!
My First Post

I am new to this whole blogging thing. I decided to start one about the books I read almost as a review thing. I read many different types of books but a large amount of YA fiction. I really avoid the new trend of "paranormal romance" though.