Saturday, April 28, 2012

Rot & Ruin

Rot & Ruin is a coming of age novel after the zombie apocalypse. Benny is too young to really remember First Night but believes his older brother Tom is a coward for not saving their parents.

Problem is everyone else thinks Tom is a hero and now that Benny has to get a job wants him to join the "family business" which happens to be zombie hunting. Benny wants nothing to do with this, he prefers to hear the stories of daring from the bounty hunters he looks up to. Why would he want to join his weak cowardly brother?

Benny has a lot to learn about life, death, and the living dead. Also sometimes the monsters we know about aren't as scary as the the ones we do not see.

I generally do not like zombie books. They give me nightmares. But I plan to read all the books on the Florida Teen Reads list for this year, so I am going out of my comfort zone. Or so I thought. I really enjoyed this book. The characters are well developed as is the setting. It is almost like an old wild west story. Zombies are in this book but they aren't the main focus. In fact seeing them through Tom and Benny's eyes you almost begin to get a compassion for them as you learn that some humans are worse than zoms.

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