Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Land: A Stranded Novel by Theresa Shaver

19684747[Theresa Shaver] tells a story of survival and how when the world collapses people can either rise up and do the right thing or become evil. [The Land] starts with teenager at Disneyland when an EMP hits and disables all technology. Luckily the students have a teacher who encourages them to get home although she must stay with those who won't leave. Home is Canada. The small group divides to those who choose to go by sea and those by land. This follow the trek aver the mountains and through an increasing panicking population to get home. 

The plot was fast paced and well written and the characters were a mix of those you liked and those you wish would be eaten by a bear. In other words it was well balanced.

The Last Survivors by T.W. Piperbrook and Bobby Adair

23299722The post apocalyptic novel [The Last Survivors] by [T.W.Piperbrook and Bobby Adair] was a good mix of many common themes. It was well written and very character driven. The story was well developed although slightly predictable but in such a wide genre they did a great job of mixing things up to add some new twists.

The Wasteland Chronicles: Omnibus Edition Books 1-3 by Kyle West

25218241This book has been in my queue for awhile but the wait was worth it. The edition I read was and omnibus of books 1-3. [Kyle West] has created a terrifying view of the future in [The Wasteland Chronicles]. The idea of not being able to escape fate seems to be a main theme in this entertaining, fast past post apocalyptic series.

The Annihilation of Foreverland by Tony Bertauski

13368166[The Annihilation of Foreverland] by [Tony Bertauski] is a wild ride with lots of plot twists and action. The premise of using a technology to tap into others minds and youth has been explored before but this was a new and creative take on it. It was almost like a modern [Lord of the Flies] with a tech twist.

Frost: A Ruin Novella by Harry Manners

26192111Again another winner by [Harry Manners]. In [Frost] [Manner's] gives the backstory for the [Ruin Saga] and one of the main characters. It is fast paced and well written as all of [Manners] works and I highly recommend anything he writes.

Close to Shore: The Terrifying Shark Attacks of 1916 by Michael Capuzzo

872971Having grown up on the Jersey Shore and being a history nerd I was surprised I had never heard of these event before. That was why when I got the chance to read [Michael Capuzzo's] [Close to Shore: The Terrifying Shark Attacks of 1916] I was so excited. I really enjoyed the description of places I knew from growing up but described in their heyday as opposed to the dilapidated ruins I remember seeing. 

[Capuzzo] describes a Jersey Shore of elegance and enjoyment. When it was a status symbol to escape the cities. 1916 was a time of great turmoil with health crisis and a potential war in Europe so people flocked to the shore to escape all this but another danger lurked just off shore.

I know others who have read this book and wish they had introduced me to it sooner because it was an enjoyable, interesting and enlightening read of history and nature.

The Chosen of Anthros by Travis Simmons

26229195[Travis Simmons] continues the quest in the [The Harbringers of Light Series, Volume 2]. In [The Chosen of Anthros] Abigail, Leona and Rorick finally arrive in New Landanten. They are excited to begin their proper training and to finally be safe. Unfortunately they are soon to find out no where is safe and war is coming.

This is a very interesting series that mixes myths with fiction to create a new world. The writing style of [Simmons] has a great amount of description so he transports you to this new world. A well done fantasy.