Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Last: A Zombie Novel by Michael John Grist

25366449This will be the fourth book I have read and reviewed from [Michael John Grist] and I have to say [The Last: A Zombie Novel] is by far my favorite. [Grist] has a knack at getting the voice of the character just right. He has done this in all of his novels, even his non fiction memoir.

I love the humanity and roller coaster of moods and emotions that [Grist] takes the reader through. This was not your typical 'zombie' novel, well it started that way but there was a great twist about halfway through. Only thing that may throw some people is that [Grist] is British and this book is set in the U.S. so some terms are British and not what we use here on this side of the pond but use your context clues people! Highly recommend reading this book.

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