Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Eyewall by H.W. Bernard

11144027Genre: Disaster, Weather, Action

How often does hubris put people at risk? More often than you think. Although [Eyewall] by [H.W. Bernard] is a work of fiction it is grounded in fact. Facts that the weather service is not always right, that some people feel their areas are immune to disaster because none happened in their memory, and that the media serves it's own interests.

All these facts lead to an harrowing trip into the eye of a category five hurricane. What these people do to survive and the lessons learned by them should not be lost on us a a larger society. I very enjoyable read.

Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel

20170404Genre: Post Apocalyptic, Literary

[Station Eleven] is a literary tale of the end of civilization. Unlike most of the novels about the post apocalyptic world [Emily St. John Mandel] weaves a story built of relationships. It would compare to a futuristic [Canterbury Tales] as it tells the tales of the survivors in this one band and their journey.

Dead Wake by Erik Larson

22551730Genre: NonFiction, History

[Eric Larson] does it again with [Dead Wake] by making non fiction read like fiction all the while providing a great amount of information. The research that he does before writing a book shows his deep passion fro the topics. In [Dead Wake] he informs the reader not only what is was like being on the Lusitania, but also the political intrigue that seemed to surround the voyage and it's demise.

Yesterday's Gone(Season One) by Sean Platt and David W. Wright

13231241Genre: Post Apocalyptic, Action

This book will definitely appeal to fans of [Stephen King's][The Stand]. A select few people wake up in a world where almost everyone is gone and survival comes first. Soon the good vs the evil begin to emerge. This well paced book had a variety of characters. Although there are similarities to [The Stand] is is a more modern version that has different issues and consequences. Overall an enjoyable read.

Reaper's Run (Plague Wars Book 1) by David VanDyke

21752092Genre: Apocalyptic, Tech, Thriller, Action

[Reaper's Run] is the first book in the [Plague Wars Series] by [David VanDyke]. It is a great start and a fast past thrill ride. When Jill Repeth realizes her legs, that she lost in the war, are regrowing, she knows something is going on. It is much deeper than she realizes and her new fight is just beginning.

This is a fast paced, action book with apocalyptic and tech twists very akin to [Plague War] by [Jeff Carlson] but with a lot more action.

Planet Urth(Book 1) by Jennifer and Christopher Martucci

18930277Genre: YA, Dystopian, Futuristic

In the future humans are an endangered species. The harm that was done to the planet mutated what was left to become predators. In [Planet Urth(Book 1)][Jennifer Martucci] paints a picture of survival against all odds. The main characters of Avery and her 8 yr old sister June show hope, fearlessness and the longing for others as they try to survive. It was a fast paced read that gives a very [Planet of the Apes] view of the future.

The Institute(The Institute, Book 1) by Kayla Howarth

24340711Genre: YA, Dystopian

[The Institute] by [Kayla Howarth] is an intense thriller with a futuristic lean. The main character Allira and her family have spent their lives hiding that her brother was "defective". "Defectives" go to the Institute where they are said to be kept safe and taken care of, but no one who has gone there is heard from again. Will one mistake trip them all up and find the true nature of the Institute?

The characters were typical for a YA audience but definitely good. The intertwining of the relationships and emotions makes this plot. There were some unexpected surprises as well as issues that are still up in the air. Guess the second book is a must read to clear those questions up.