Monday, June 16, 2014

reparation by Ruth Rodgers

[Ruth Rodgers] addresses the changing racial views in the south through her novel [reparation]. Katie and Delia were best friends as young children but as they got older society drove them apart. In their teens Katie witnesses a horrible incident. She carries the guilt of not standing up for her friend and what she knew was right.

Now it is 2006 and Katie has returned home to help take care of her mom. By chance she is reunited with Delia. Katie is determined to make amends and get justice for her friend.

[Rodgers] does an amazing job of portraying the emotions of the characters. The story flows well and the flashbacks fill in the history giving the reader the perspective of the narrator(Katie). I also found the mention of Juneteenth interesting because not many people are aware that this is the Independence Day for the African American community. The historic perspective fit well in with the modern day mystery.

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