Thursday, July 31, 2014

Mr. Ruins by Michael John Grist

MR-300[Mr. Ruins] by [Michael John Grist] is a mind twisting thriller through the tsunami ravages future. The main character Rit is a diver of minds and the plot goes back and forth between Rit and Me, who is currently on a mission with his "chord". If this sounds confusing, it can be, but this is how the tone is set for this novel and works very well with it. The future world created by [Grist] is one in turmoil and with no promise of a future and he portrays this emotion in his writing.

I look forward to reading more of [Mr. Grist's] books. It was a interesting journey. I recommend it to any fan of science fiction.

{At the time of this review the book is not yet published. It should be out in early August.}

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