Friday, December 26, 2014

The Lamp Series Omnibus(Books 1-4) by Jason Cunningham

21542102215428122154281322951217I received this book as a member giveaway through LibraryThing for an honest review. 

I was amazed by the characters in this series. They were so real but also had a uniqueness to them. [Jason Cunningham] did a magnificent job of taking you into the struggle between good and evil and showing you the shades of grey most of us get caught up in. [The Lamp Series Omnibus] as the name suggests is four complete novels that follow Violet, Levi, Jenny and Micah as they try to come to terms with what is right and wrong. Also they must decide how best to protect those they love.

As a comic book fan and someone who loves to read about struggles of conscience this series kept me coming back for more. I was vaguely reminded of [The Stand] except this was focused on one city.It is never made clear if it goes beyond. They mystery involved also keeps you on your seat.

[Cunningham] has written a must read for fans of many types of genres.

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