Thursday, January 1, 2015

Amethyst Eyes:Book 1 by Debbie Brown

Amethyst Eyes
I really enjoyed [Amethyst Eyes] by [Debbie Brown]. In the introduction it states it was written for reluctant readers, which is what I teach. I fully agree that young adults that don't like reading will enjoy the story of coming of age with a twist. 

Imagine your world as you know it being turned upside down at fifteen years old. Your mom dies in an accident, you are seriously injured, finally your dad, who you haven't seen since you were little, comes to take you home with him. Here is the twist, his home is a space ship. Yes, your dad is an alien.

It is definitely not as cheesy as I made it seem. The relationship Tommy has with his dad is not that different from that of any teenager growing up and changing. The adventure of getting to know yourself is sometimes the biggest for a teenager.

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