Sunday, May 28, 2017

Zombie Ocean Series 1-7 by Michael John Grist

Image result for zombie ocean box set GENRE: Zombies, Human nature, Just awesome!

I read these books usually as ARC from the author. I fell behind on my reviews but you can frind in this blog reviews for these three books separately.

If you like zombies(and who doesn't?) you really need to read the Zombie Ocean series by Michael John Grist. His characters are well developed and the plot od not your typical zombie eating brains. In fact his books are more a commentary on human nature than zombie killing. I was hooked from Book 1:The Last and I am still hooked after Book 7: The Lash. The evolution of the characters as they grow is amazingly constructed. I know I have even questioned liking some of the characters as I got to know them more. I highly recommend these books and suggest you go to Mr' Grist's web page now!

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