Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Blemished by Sarah Dalton

I received this book as a give away as part of a compilation [Shattered Worlds]. I have decided to give each book it's own review as I finish them to give the authors their due.

The Ministry had genetically created the perfect person. The are called GEMs and the rule society. Those who were not created perfect are called "Blemished" and are used as slaves for the upper class. Not all blemished are happy with this situation. Mina has a special gift that could help her but also be very dangerous to herself and those she loves. She will do anything to protect them and herself, as well as avoid the "operation" that all blemished girls get so they can not have children but often drives them mad as well. Secrets are kept, laws broken, lives risked and saved all fro freedom.

This was a well written novel. I could have done without the love triangle aspect because I thing that has been over done especially in YA literature and the characters were a little predictable. Overall the story flowed well and the action kept the plot moving along.

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