Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Orchard of Hope by Amy Neftzger

The quest to save the world from the confusion of lies created by the sorcerer continues in [The Orchard of Hope] by [Amy Neftzger]. The tale of Kelsey, Nicholas and Maggie continues as they work together using their unique talents to save hope from being devoured. They learn of new strengths and the power of friendship as they learn how to use their unique skills throughout the quest. With the help of Roland, Megan, Newton and Moss they make another journey through the kingdom finding challenges and surprises along the way.

[Amy Neftzger] has created a world of exploration in which the characters experience the same pitfalls that all young people experience, just with a magical twist. The idea that hope belongs to everyone is an excellent follow up to nurturing miracles in the first book of the series, [The Orphanage of Miracles]. To really get a sense of the journey and characters the books should be read in order. [The Orchard of Hope] comes out in June 2014 so what are you waiting for? These books should be on everyone’s reading list.


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