Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Yanks Are Starving by James Craney

[The Yanks Are Starving] by [Glen Craney] was a very well written book that I really did not want to put down. Which is why I often found my eReader on the floor the next morning where it dropped. As a student of history I am glad to see one of the most glossed over and darkest times in American history addressed. The Bonus Army was a real thing. Our government asked young men to defend democracy overseas but when they returned they were shunned and treated as criminals.

Although some of Craney's characters were fictional(as he states in his notes) they were based on real life people. The hurricane that is referred to at the end of the book where WWI vets were left to fend for themselves is also a true event often called "Hemingway's Hurricane" because of the scathing report he wrote after being one of the first to see it's aftermath.

I think this is a must read book for anyone who wants to learn the truth about American history. Even though it is a fiction story it is purely based on fact and the author really did his research well.

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