Monday, June 22, 2015

Wyso and the Other Creepy Kids on Gerard Street by Clara Bush

20486650GENRE: Science Fiction, Coming of Age, Serial

[Wyso and the Other Creepy Kids on Gerard Street] by [Clara Bush] starts out really strangely with a language that is not recognizable. Do not let this deter you from reading on because it will all come together later. Also this book is not exactly what it may seem to be even as you read it.

The story is character driven with the main character being Wyso, a young girl whose parents are not capable of caring for her. Throughout the story we get to see her grow up with the help of the boys in her neighborhood who take care of her.

They all meet in their Alien Hunter clubhouse even as they get older. All of the children are a little odd but they are also normal kids growing up and falling in love. The supernatural twists that this book takes will not disappoint readers but also does not overtake the plot from the fabulous characters.

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