Friday, November 28, 2014

Screech Owls: The Boston Breakout by Roy MacGregor

20691397I had no idea that such an awesome series of books for young people existed! Of course as a huge hockey fan I am biased. I received [The Boston Breakout] free in return for a review and I can tell you I will be looking to purchase the rest. [Roy MacGregor] has created characters that you would find on any team but the Screech Owls are still a family even with all their quirks.

In this story they are playing a summer tournament in Boston. Their coach insists on making all trips educational, which most players enjoy. This trip they go to the aquarium. There are some animal rights activists there and one of the players falls under their spell. They get information about the plans of the group and have to act to stop it.

[MacGregor's] description of hockey is spot on and the addition of local history and some mystery makes these ideals books for young readers. I will be introducing my niece to them. Especially the one involving MSG. Go Rangers!

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