Friday, November 28, 2014

The Sham by Ellen Allen

22879003[Ellen Allen] in [The Sham] leaves you questioning throughout the story what is really going on. None of the characters in this book would be considered 'normal' but some are more malicious than others.

The story begins with Emily having a run in at the local park with some "mean girls", one who is her step Aunt Becky. The four girls have brought a young boy to the park and proceed to torture him. Em wants to stop them but is frozen. Out of nowhere comes Jack to stop the girls. Seems like a clear case of good vs. evil right? Not quite, Jack has his own secrets.

Soon the girls involved in the attack begin disappearing. They whole small town is in a panic. Who is to blame?

[Allen] does a fantastic job of creating a twisting story with an ending that you never see coming.

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