Sunday, February 8, 2015

And They Lived: A Short Story Anthology by Sabrina Zbasnik

First of all make sure you read the copyright warning in the beginning of the book or else the chipmunks may get you.


This anthology of short stories was a very good(and quick)read. [Sabrina Zbasnik] has created a dark and twisted view in [And They Lived] of some of our favorite fairy tells. I love it! I hate when female characters are weak.

She starts out with "Before Midnight" which has El Cinder as a hired killer. Her mark is Prince Charming. Yes, she does leave a glass slipper behind.

Next is "The Fifth Horseman" which is a poetic view of the horesmen and their forgotten brother.

"Hollow" was about selling your soul in vengeance and what it may cost.

"Darkness Shall Not Be Breached" was a creepy story involving spiders. (You are warned.)

"The Tower" was a very dark twist on Rapunzel.You don't want her to let her hair down, trust me.

"Destiny" was not as dark as the others but did emphasize how we can't change fate but it may not always be what we perceive.

"The Flower Garden" was a morality tale about vanity.

"Insomnia" showed even in death sometimes sleep alludes us. (I just say Ambien.)

Finally, "Red" goes back to the secret agent idea of El Cinder but with Red. Red must save Grandmother form Wolf but sometimes the lines between good and bad are not always so clear.

[Zbasnik] has a wonderful writing style that is lacking in much modern works. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this anthology.

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