Monday, February 2, 2015

Red Equinox by Douglas Wynne

23603906[Red Equinox] by [Douglas Wynne] was about how humans can become pawns of the gods even unwittingly. Also that not all gods are good. Part adventure and part mystery this book has a lot to offer various audiences.

Becca is a photographer and urban explorer. She was raised by her slightly eccentric grandmother who studied the occult. Some of this knowledge was unwittingly passed to Becca as the book starts with her grandmother's funeral.

Brooks is a detective for an unknown government agency that investigates the weird (think X-Files). He and Becca are bound to cross paths as a madman from a cult plans to unleash destruction on Boston, the Hub.

These are the two main driving protagonists in the book. The were developed well but I found I wanted to know more about them. Deeper personalities because they both were hiding things and fighting their own demons.

The plot got a little wordy at times but the descriptions gave me that visual I enjoy in a good book. Any book that makes me "see" what is going on is a good one. I hope the next one will flow just a little better but other than that nothing should change.

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