Thursday, February 19, 2015

Five Suns of Treason (Five Suns Saga Book 1) by Jim Heskett

23964363In [Five Suns of Treason (Five Suns Saga Book 1)] [Jim Heskett] writes a series of vignettes about different people before and after a major disaster. I was able to infer that someone betrayed the government in a power grab before the world ended or did that power grab cause the world's chaos?

The characters range from politicians to criminals(same don't you think?) [Heskett] could have done more development of the characters since I feel this would be a very character driven plot. I like how he has each as their own story but there is a minor thread connecting them.

Another thing that would have helped is more background into what the event was supposed to be. I was left with a lot of questions and wish this was a longer book. I guess I just have to read more of his stories to find out.

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