Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Between No More( In Between Life And Death Book #3) by Ann Christy

25345046GENRE: Post Apocalyptic, Zombie
This is the third book and it does not disappoint. Veronica and Jeremy managed to make it to the hospital but it is not what they expected. The guy in charge is kinda crazy. They find allies though who vow to find a cure and give her what she needs to cure the tumor. Now to cure the in-betweeners but not everyone wants that.
The pace takes a break with the waiting but it fits the mood of the novel. Don't worry it will speed up quickly. The POV is still Veronica because Emily is an in betweener but not like the other ones which gives Veronica hope.This is a must read and Ann Christy knew we all woulod want more so wrote the backstories to other characters to follow up. 

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