Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The In-Betweener (Between Life and Death Book #1) by Ann Christy

25225875GENRE: Post Apocalyptic, Zombies
This is not just another zombie book it is more thought provoking. A nanite has been developed to cure illnesses. Emily has a rare and deadly brain cancer and the first generation of the nanites were used to cure it. Her mother works in the program with the military somehow so she knows when things go horribly wrong. An update causes people who should be dead to come alive but with only minimal insticts-eat meat. How will Emily survive?
This fast paced book shows how good intentions can go wrong when in the wrong hands. Emily is a truely genuine character and shows that humanity can survive even in the worst conditions. It is a very fast paced book and I had to get the rest of the series. 

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